Anti-roma topics on - Precognox Labs

From the mid 2000's the number of anti-roma and racist utterances have been increasing in Hungary and this manner of speech has become accepted in the common discourse.

This change affected the tone of media and of society as well. Our research focused on the anti-roma topics over this period. As the source of our analysis we used the online news portal that is the flagship of the far-right or "national radical" media in Hungary. The site covers ethnic minority issues on a regular basis. We analyzed the column "Cigánybűnözés" ("Roma criminality") that contains more than 10.000 anti-roma news from 2006 until today. We collected 10.304 news from 2006 until 2015 and extracted 27 anti-roma topics. Here you can discover the distribution of various topics over time along with the most important events that influenced each one of them.